Portraits of current and former MRI scholarship holders and their artistic work

Eythar Gubara


Eythar Gubara from Sudan, born in 1988 in Khartoum. A photographer, activist, and filmmaker, she joined her host organization Gängeviertel e.V. in Hamburg as the recipient of an MRI scholarship in February 2020.

Dante Buu


Dante Buu from Montenegro, born in Rožaje. He is an artist, storyteller and performer, and joined his host organisation Künstlerhaus Bethanien as the recipient of an MRI scholarship in February 2021.

Tewa Barnosa


Tewa Barnosa from Libya, born in 1998, artist, curator, cultural manager, came to the Berlin-based host organisation coculture e.V. in January 2019 as an MRI scholarship holder.

Igor Vidor


Igor Vidor from Brazil, born in 1985, photographer, visual artist, and, since July 2019, MRI scholarship holder at the host organisation Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

Sujatro Gosh


Sujatro Ghosh from India, born in 1993, photographer and video artist and, since November 2019, an MRI-scholarship holder in Berlin.

Virtual Residencies


The Covid 19 pandemic claimed many victims and, at the same time, restricted social as well as cultural life around the world. Through virtual residencies, a total of 30 people in eight countries received scholarships.