General Information

The Martin Roth-Initiative supports cultural and civil society institutions so that they can temporarily host at-risk artists and cultural actors, provide them with scholarships, and thus ensure the continuation of their work in a safer context. Moreover, the Martin Roth-Initiative offers other funding opportunities for artists and cultural workers, including direct funding that allows them to receive support without host organisations. 

Programme Line 1

Temporary relocation to Germany: Artists and cultural actors at risk have the possibility to temporarily stay and work in Germany with the assistance of a host cultural institution. (Programme line 1)

MRI funding in programme line 1 enables cultural organisations in Germany to temporarily host artists and cultural actors and to provide a free and safe space for them to continue their creative work. The funding includes a monthly scholarship.

Information on former calls for application.

Programme Line 2

Temporary relocation to safe locations in the home region. Artists and cultural actors at risk have the possibility to temporarily stay and work in their home region (e.g. neighbouring country) with the support of a host organisation. (Programme line 2)

MRI funding in programme line 2 enables cultural and civil society organisations worldwide to temporarily host artists and cultural actors from their region, providing a free and safe space for them to continue their creative work and/or to recover from their risk context.

Please note the current call for application (EN). For further consultation, please arrange an appointment with our team.

Contact us

Before you send us a specific request, please read the general and specific information and criteria carefully. Please also observe the following information on secure communication in order to reduce risks for all parties involved (these are recommendations for improving digital protection, 100% security cannot be guaranteed).

We recommend that you use encrypted communication services. We have listed one free provider below through which you can reach us. Before you do so, please check whether the installation or use of the respective service in your home country (or country of residence) could lead to security issues (suspicion, prosecution). If necessary, inquire locally and/or research (if possible) on the internet, for example under Privacy International.

  • Protonmail: This e-mail service allows for end-to-end encrypted messages between Protonmail users. You can create an account free of charge at and send us a message to info [at] mri-application [dot] de or afghanistan [at] mri-application [dot] de (only for Afghanistan support). Please note that both mentioned contacts are protonmail email addresses. Attention: If you send an e-mail from another provider to this address, it will not be encrypted!

ATTENTION: Unencrypted e-mails or phone calls are comparable to postcards in terms of security. This also applies to channels like Facebook, SMS, Skype and - to a certain extent - Whatsapp. If you still wish to contact MRI in this way, please make sure that you do not disclose any sensitive data (names of persons at risk, information on the risk situation, etc.) when contacting MRI.

Please note in our Information on data protection and processing of your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).