Updated application period for temporary relocation to Germany online.

The deadline for applications with an earliest start date of March 2022 has expired. We will inform about new application deadlines on our website. More information on our eligibility criteria and previous calls for applications, can be found below. Please arrange an appointment for a personal consultation.

General Information

Before you contact us, please read the general information as well as specific information for host organisations and artists and cultural actors at risk. Please pay particular attention to the information on secure communication! What kind of support does the Martin Roth-Initiative provide?
  • The Martin Roth-Initiative (MRI) supports artists and cultural actors at risk by providing financial support for temporary relocation to Germany or within their home region (usually third countries).
  • All funding is channelled through designated host organisations. Host organisations can be cultural institutions or collectives (e.g. museums, theatres, festivals, etc.) and other relevant organisations. These organisations not only host scholarship holders but also provide support for their personal wellbeing and professional development. Host organisations are responsible for the administrative and organisational implementation of the temporary relocations.
  • Note: The provision of scholarships without a host organisation is not possible.
What are the programme lines of the Martin Roth-Initiative?
  • Programme line 1  (PL1): Temporary relocation to Germany. Artists and cultural actors at risk have the possibility to temporarily stay and work in Germany with the assistance of a host cultural institution.
  • Programme line 2 (PL2): Temporary relocation to safe locations in the home region. Artists and cultural actors at risk have the possibility to temporarily stay and work in their home region (e.g. neighbouring country) with the support of a host organisation.
Who is eligible for a Martin Roth-Initiative scholarship?
  • Artists and cultural actors worldwide who (through their artistic work) are committed to an open society, freedom, peace and democracy and who, because of their work or due to other circumstances, experience restrictions on their freedom or threats from state and/or non-state actors,
  • Artists and cultural actors worldwide who are still active in their home countries or have only recently left their home country,
  • Artists and cultural actors worldwide who, do not have access to a safe abode (e.g. due to dual citizenship or permanent residency),
  • Artists and cultural actors worldwide who have the necessary language skills to facilitate collaboration with a host institution,
  • Artists and cultural actors worldwide who are demonstrably artistically/culturally active and whose works have a proven artistic/cultural and/or social relevance (hobby artists or persons who undertake purely private artistic activities are not eligible for funding),
  • Please note that all the above criteria must be met in order to be eligible for a MRI-scholarship. EU citizens are not eligible for funding.
Duration of the scholarship
  • Scholarships in programme line 1 (stay in Germany) last up to 12 months.
  • Scholarships in programme line 2 (stay in safe locations in the home region) last 3 - 6 months.
How does the application process work? Scholarships in programme line 1 (stay in Germany):
  • Potential host organisations and/or artists and cultural actors at risk can contact the Martin Roth-Initiative at any time. When contacting us, please observe our Information on Data Protection and the information on secure communication.
  • After an initial assessment, you will be granted access to our application forms and other useful information (FAQ). These include all necessary documents for the project application (host organisation) as well as a personal statement form for artists and cultural actors at risk.
  • The MRI team will be happy to advise you on the application process. Please take note of our application periods for submitting your application.
  • After a formal review of all submitted documents, scholarship holders are selected by an independent committee consisting of members of the German art and cultural scene and of representatives of civil society institutions.
  • Please note that you can currently only apply for temporary stays in Germany (PL1) starting next year (see the dates of our current application period)
Scholarships in programme line 2 (stay in safe locations in the home region):
  • Potential host organisations and/or artists and cultural actors at risk can contact the Martin Roth-Initiative at any time. When contacting us, please observe our Information on Data Protection and the information on secure communication.
  • The Martin Roth-Initiative will be happy to advise you on the application process for programme line 2. However, please note that no applications are currently (as of July 2021) being accepted for this programme line. The MRI will inform you on this page about our next call for application for programme line 2.
What does support from the Martin Roth-Initiative involve?
  • a monthly scholarship,
  • individual support for the scholarship holders (e.g. necessary insurance, psychosocial support, language courses, trainings, networking activities, etc.)
  • if necessary, financial support for additional personnel for the host organisation (please note that we cannot fund permanent staff and freelance work that is not directly related to the purpose of the grant),
  • counselling by the MRI and further training (for example on topics such as safety, sensitive public relations, psycho-social support) as well as networking activities and exchange of experience with other host organisations and scholarship holders,
  • Please note that the scholarship visa does not automatically entitle you to take up employment or self-employment.
What criteria are used to select scholarship holders and the corresponding projects for MRI funding? After an assessment of the formal eligibility criteria by the Martin Roth-Initiative, an independent committee selects the project applications to be funded. The selection is based on the following criteria
  • risk situation (see above)
  • Profile of the artist / the cultural actor (quality and social relevance of previous work / fit with MRI values).
  • Quality of the project goals and measures/activities (Are the goals and measures/activities reasonable, appropriate, realistic and coherent?)
  • To what extent is the professional development or continuation of artistic/cultural work of the scholarship holder supported?
  • Artistic/work-relevant fit between host organisation and scholarship holder, support and integration (suitability of the host organisation)
  • Potential positive impact on the home/host community through the project.
  • Realistic and reasonable exit for the time after the scholarship period, such as safe return or professional prospects outside of the home country (including preparatory measures, if applicable).
  • Gender aspects are taken into account when selecting scholarship holders/projects.
  • Please note that the Martin Roth Initiative does not financially support any organisations that question Israel's right to exist and does not financially support any projects that call for a boycott of Israel or that actively support the BDS movement. We refer to the following resolution of the German Bundestag:

Information for Artists

Which funding can I apply for?
  • Programme line 1 - Temporary relocation to Germany: Due to limited capacities, you may currently only apply for funding in Germany if a suitable host organisation is already available. Please note the current application periods and starting dates.
  • Programme line 2 – Temporary relocation to safe locations in the home region: Please note that you can currently only apply for programme line 1.
How can I apply for support from MRI?
  • Please note that you can currently only apply for programme line 1.
  • Please make sure that your situation responds to the criteria listed under "General Information".
  • Please contact the MRI if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please observe the information on secure communication below..
  • If your security situation and the chosen communication channel allow, please describe as concisely as possible, 
    1. how you became aware of the MRI,
    2. which nationality(-ies) you hold and in which country you are currently located,
    3. which artistic/cultural activity you pursue,
    4. what kind of support you are looking for and if you are already in contact with a potential host organisation,
    5. why you need support.
  • if all eligibility criteria are fulfilled, you will be granted access to our application form (Personal Statement), which you must complete to be considered for the MRI scholarship.
Note: The MRI is not an emergency programme. We therefore cannot provide immediate support or speed up processes.

Information for Host Organisations

What requirements must a host organisation meet?
  • The host organisation must have a legal form (e.g. e.V., gGmbH, GmbH, etc.). Private individuals may not apply for funding,
  • The host organisation must not pursue any economic gain from the project,
  • The host organisation should have experience in dealing with public funding or be willing to acquire the necessary skills to comply with the public funding regulations,
  • The host organisation must be able to integrate an artist or cultural actor at risk into its structures, support with the continuation of their artistic work, and to provide a necessary level of personal support,
  • The host organisation must be willing to deal with issues concerning security and to take the necessary measures to guarantee safety standards,
  • The host organisation must have sufficient organisational and administrative capacities to deal with matters related to visas and right of residence (if necessary with the support of the MRI).
How can you support artist or cultural actors at risk?
  • You are welcome to contact us regarding the support of a specific artist/cultural actor at risk, or to signal a general willingness to cooperate. We will be happy to advise you and jointly determine possibilities for the implementation of a project. Please always observe our instructions for secure communication.
  • MRI is dependent on cooperation with host organisations that organise and implement the temporary relocation. This means that MRI concludes funding agreements with host organisations, which in turn take care of the artistic, professional and personal integration of the scholarship holder. Host organisations are therefore responsible for the payment of a monthly stipend and the provision of everyday support to scholarship holders.
  • Temporary relocations funded by the MRI aim not only to protect artists and cultural actors at risk but also to provide a free and secure space for them to continue their creative work and to develop professionally. A host organisation should therefore be able to integrate the scholarship holder into existing structures/networks and provide a setting to further their work and professional opportunities.
Info sessions for interessted (host-) organisations
  • For interested host organisations, we offer three online public information events including a Q&A session. During those sessions we will share general information and answer specific questions about the project funding and the application process.
  • The minimum number of participants for each event is 3. Participation is voluntary, but we kindly ask you to register up to five days prior to the event at info [at] martin-roth-initiative [dot] de / info [at] mri-application [dot] de (Protonmail). The events will be in German. Please let us know if you need a translation into English or would be interested in a session held in English.
  • Dates: 25.08.2021 (10:00 - 11:30 CET), 07.09.2021 (16:00 – 17.30 CET), 22.09.2021 (14.00 – 15.30 CET).

Application Periods

Current application periods for our programme line 1 (stays in Germany): Counselling opportunities are open as of now. Please make an appointment with the MRI.
  • By 11:59pm on 03.10.2021: Deadline for submission of a personal statement by applicant artists/cultural actors.
  • By 11:59pm on 31.10.2021: Deadline for digital submission of the final version of the project proposal by the applicant host organisation. By 11:59pm 03.10.2021, host organisations have the opportunity to submit a draft proposal to receive feedback from MRI. Please note that we provide standardised forms for project applications and personal statements.
  • By 11:59pm on 15.11.2021: Deadline for submission of a duly signed and stamped application (by post; only host organisation).
  • December: Decision by the selection committee.
  • By 11:59pm on 10.01.2022: Announcement of the decision of the selection committee (no public announcement).
  • January 2022: Signing of the project funding agreements and start of visa issuing procedures (applies only to approved applications).
  • March 2022: Earliest start of temporary stays.
Note: There is no legal entitlement to the award of a grant by the MRI. Please note that the selection is for the time being still subject to the availability of the budgeted project funds for the financial years 2022/2023. Due to the provisional federal budget administration after the federal elections in September 2021, subsequent adjustments with regard to deadlines and project start dates may be made. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact us

Before you send us a specific request, please read the general and specific information and criteria carefully. Please also observe the following information on secure communication in order to reduce risks for all parties involved (these are recommendations for improving digital protection, 100% security cannot be guaranteed).

We recommend that you use encrypted communication services. We have listed one free provider below through which you can reach us. Before you do so, please check whether the installation or use of the respective service in your home country (or country of residence) could lead to security issues (suspicion, prosecution). If necessary, inquire locally and/or research (if possible) on the internet, for example under Privacy International.

  • Protonmail: This e-mail service allows for end-to-end encrypted messages between Protonmail users. You can create an account free of charge at and send us a message to info [at] mri-application [dot] de (please note that this is a protonmail email address). Attention: If you send an e-mail from another provider to this address, it will not be encrypted!

ATTENTION: Unencrypted e-mails or phone calls are comparable to postcards in terms of security. This also applies to channels like Facebook, SMS, Skype and - to a certain extent - Whatsapp. If you still wish to contact MRI in this way, please make sure that you do not disclose any sensitive data (names of persons at risk, information on the risk situation, etc.) when contacting MRI.

  • E-Mail: info [at] martin-roth-initiative [dot] de 

  • Landline: +49 (0)30 284491-77

Please note in our Information on data protection and processing of your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).