Publications and Events of the Martin Roth-Initiative

To foster knowledge and contribute examples of good practice for the enhancement of existing relocation programmes, one field of MRI´s activity is dedicated to accompanying research and international networking with other programmes. The results are published and discussed at events that aim to stimulate expert dialogue and exchange between researchers and the global community of practice.



On 9 September 2021 MRI invited its network for the online event "Artistic Freedom & Mobility: Learnings from the Pandemic". Please find the detailed event programme here.

Artistic Freedom & Mobility


We are currently calling for proposals for the research project "Towards a fairer and more anti-discriminatory support for international relocation in North-South contexts".

Previous publications include:

  • "Relocating Artists at Risk in Latin America" (2021) - in English (full report and summary) and Spanish (full report and summary)
    • podcast "¡El Arte no Calla!" (episode 9) in cooperation with Artists at Risk Connection (ARC)/PEN America (English script here): 
  • "What Comes After Relocation? A Comic About Safe Return and Its Alternatives" (2021) - in English, Spanish, and French, in cooperation with the artists Charity Atukunda and Dianah Bwengye
MRI-Comic_what comes after relocation
Animiertes Video zu "Wellbeing of Civil Society Actors in International Relocation" (2020)

External resources:

The 2021 "Safety Guide for Artists" by Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) compiles useful information about risk analysis, digital safety, threat documentation, finding assistance and recovering from risk. It is available for free in English, Spanish and French.